Monthly Archives: October 2012

Never Forget

It was cold out and snowing lightly, and certainly not the nicest day for a walk. I was on the way to meet a client about 5 blocks away in the Downtown Core. We met outside an overly crowded Starbucks on a bench on the main floor of Banker’s Hall. We had a pleasant conversation… Read more »

Anatomy Of A Retouch

I got a really intriguing email a short time ago from a great guy named Ryan Baxter. He had a fun story about ‘recreating’ an old childhood photograph with his two sisters. They got very close to the original in their restage attempt with a few significant differences. He emailed me the following: Hi John,… Read more »

iPhone Redux

There’s a Coffee Shop very near by that I can sit at for hours. I’ve been taking photos in there for months. Large Windows with a great street view make it an interesting place to shoot. iPhone 4 and… Again, Painteresque and Snapseed.                    

Throw A Little Back In The Pot

 I’ve said it on quite a few occasions in the past. I don’t REALLY take pictures for a living. Nah Nah. Rather, I consider myself more of a ‘Problem Solver’. The scenario is always the same beginning with these three little words words: “How Do I?” The questions range from “How do I make this… Read more »

Presto, Digito! Mushrooms from Manure

The problem I’m having with my iPhone 4 lately is…. That I can’t seem to get enough. Uh huh. The entire nature of the thing is virtually ‘throw away’. It’s completely and utterly inconsequential, which is why if anything even moderately interesting arises? It’s a Triumph, plain and simple. You have 9/10ths of no control,… Read more »

An Honest to Goodness Treat for an Old Dog Photog

Every once in a Blue Moon… a lucky, pleasant event blows into the life of any Old Dog Photographer who manages to keep at it long enough. This past October 1st, I found a nice surprise in my inbox that went a little bit like this: Hi John; You snapped our wedding in 1997. (Possibly… Read more »

Another Funkly Little iPhone App

This morning, I found another terrific little iPhone App for making myself look even worse and worse. Painteresque is available in the iTunes Store. Give it a look. It’s a fun play. *This one took an extra little tweak from Snapseed for Border and Colour. Big nod again to Dewitt Jones. This guy finds them… Read more »

The Single Biggest Thing You Never Want to Miss

I had some catching up to do the other evening with my friend, Paula. She has two adorable ‘rescue mutts’ and she’s Mutt Mom Extraordinaire. Paula is an absolute beauty; she shoots like a house on fire and the dogs are adorable so, when it’s ‘walkie’ time for them, it’s also Canon Time for me…. Read more »

The Four BEST Things about iPhoneography

OK, Cats and Kitties. It’s True Confessions Time. I’ve been shooting as a Pro Photographer now for 21 years. I have a bag full of ridiculously expensive Camera Gear. (*I won’t mention any brand names like Canon of course, or 4 L Series Lenses and a Zeiss Distagon), Flash Meters, Studio Lighting, Location Lighting, Stands,… Read more »