Monthly Archives: June 2014

Time to Pay it Forward

My Pal, Steff. The goofy thing is we always say… “we have to do this more often.” I say, WOW. What did you do to your hair? And she says I cut it off. About two years ago. UM. OK. Bring your camera, I think it’s a great day for a new Headshot. * I… Read more »

Them Changes, Them Changes……

There was a time, not so long ago…. People would call. ‘We need a Photo of an executive. It has to be shot in our location and MUST be on a White Background.” Well that gets tricky, just loading all that stuff in by myself.  A 15 foot roll of white seamless paper, light stands… Read more »

Who Let The DOGS Out?

 Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! I’ve been a Professional Photographer since September of ’92. We really need to follow our muse and one of the things that gives me an immense amount of sheer, unadulterated joy is DOGS. I adore them, especially the ‘Goofy’ ones. This guy qualified in spades. His name is: Bouncer, and yes, I’ll… Read more »

A Photograph Like This Rarely Comes Along

Just before 10 PM on June 20th, 2014 I was sitting at my computer, photo editing. There is a west facing window directly in front of my computer desk covered by a sheer curtain. I noticed an intense glow outside and quickly moved to another window to take a peek. I’ve lived in this apartment,… Read more »