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Some Serious Thinking About Your Craft

I LIKE Zack Arias. ZACK ARIAS I actually like the guy a lot. Never met him, doubt I ever will. It all began sometime around the time I purchased my first Fuji Camera, the X-100. THAT was a total love/hate relationship which Fuji and I have now grown well past. I flogged that camera and… Read more »

A Home Session

This is one of the nicest homes I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph. I really enjoyed shooting this place. The client was Smart Timberframes. It’s beautifully decorated and the open beam ceilings give it a wonderful, cozy feel. I’m a huge fan of cozy. It’s a bit of a drive out of town. The… Read more »

Now this is VERY, Very Cool!

To Quote Gizmodo: “It’s pretty rare that a new product truly surprises us. But today Amazon did just that, introducing Echo, a talking, listening piece of electronic furniture. It’s like having the internet on your kitchen table, cracking jokes and settling bets, and it’s the most innovative device Amazon’s made in years.” Personal Note Now,… Read more »

The Great Debate

  Well it’s decision time I s’pose. Back in 2008, I had a decent Season. I was running Windows and using XP. I was an expert on XP. Friends used to call me all the time asking ‘whadoo I do when?’. We were ALL on XP. The difference was I was on it SO much… Read more »

Brambles-Half-Gramme Holiday

I posted some time ago that I was a HUGE fan of Mark Dawson, a.k.a ‘Brambles’. His first album Charcoal, is my favourite album of 2013, and believe me I listen to tons and tons and tons of music. I’ve just discovered a new track which I purchased for a paltry $1.00 US. I’ve posted… Read more »

The Family Shoot!

Had Megan Watts and crew out last week. It appears, at least that the nice warm weather we had on this day is done for a while and that stinks because it was a great shooting day. Up here we have a 4.5 month outdoor shooting season. I’m not kidding. Everything goes from brown and… Read more »

Best Of The Year Camera Reviews.

Well it’s coming up to year end and so it’s inevitable that the Camera Of The Year Reviews are about to begin. I was a little surprised that Samsung came in as high as they did with second place but good on them, and it’s a Mirrorless to boot. A lot of Pro’s would never… Read more »

Battle River Railway

Ahhhh… Chris He’s Eclectic to say the very least. He’s passionate about loads of old stuff. Boler Trailers, old buses, old farm equipment..mines, farms, make it old and Chris is fascinated. Probably why he puts up with ME. He also climbs like a billy goat along with his effervescent “Lady Connie”,  can write incredibly long… Read more »