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Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas! Thanks for reading, it’s greatly appreciated! Warm Regards for the Season! John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

They’re BACK!

┬áTo the best of my knowledge, Polaroid was defunct. So I was a little surprised when a friend of mine pointed this out to me. I’ve always been a gadget fan and this seems hugely innovative. The size of it is incredible and I noticed the mounting system. It’s Clever. Very Clever. With this little… Read more »

The Best And The Worst Cameras of 2014

Chris and Jordan are at it again… I mean the Camera Store carries virtually everything. As a result they’ve seen it all, all year long. Personally I can’t comment on Video. As Gregory Heisler said when somebody asked if he ever did Video. He said something like “I have NETFLIX”. Can’t find the quote directly… Read more »

I Had NO idea.

Considered, perhaps,the all time Master of Photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson was a Legend. I stumbled into this fact only a day or so ago. Everyone who knows the ‘History of Photography’ has heard that Cartier-Bresson was the father of modern photo journalism, as did I. However, I’d assumed that he lived and died many, many years… Read more »


I have a Canon 100-400 4.5/5.6 L Series Zoom. I’m selling it. Chris At the Camera Store in Calgary knows me and the lens very well. He told me to sell it for $1400. It’s a Lens I THOUGHT I’d get loads of use out of. I just don’t. It’s lovely and sharp and that… Read more »

Documentary Photography

At some point in time, memories fade. The Bhopal Tragedy. Thirty years ago now. I was 31 and preoccupied with entirely different things. I was involved in Photography as a very happy amateur and working in the camera stores learning gear, gear, gear. I was eight years away from hanging out my shingle. Sometimes stupidity… Read more »