A Home Session

This is one of the nicest homes I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph.

I really enjoyed shooting this place. The client was Smart Timberframes.

It’s beautifully decorated and the open beam ceilings give it a wonderful, cozy feel. I’m a huge fan of cozy. It’s a bit of a drive out of town. The home is situated way out in West Bragg Creek. It has a real wood burning fireplace. I rarely see those anymore.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

SmartTimberFrames01 SmartFrames02 SmartFrames03 SmartFrames04 SmartFrames05 SmartFrames06 SmartFrames07 SmartFrames08 SmartFrames09 SmartFrames10 SmartFrames11 SmartFrames12 SmartFrames13 SmartFrames14 SmartFrames15 SmartFrames16 SmartFrames17 SmartFrames18 SmartFrames19 SmartFrames20



One Response to “A Home Session”

  1. Chris BIGDoer Doering

    John, you’re the man. How could a home builder not love the stuff you do? It’s amazing. I’m not all that crazy about the house design itself but your pictures might convince me to buy it otherwise. You should turn pro! Haha.


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