AC Cobra!


I had a little ‘tightening’ up to do.

I had a loose crossover in driver’s side the door of my 2000 GMC Safari, and it was banging around like rocks in a coffee can. It was also driving me completely whacko. They fixed me up in no time and, as always, they never break out in hysterical laughter until AFTER I leave the shop. They’re very sensitive over there.

Mobile Solutions Of Calgary does Car Audio Work on most of the highest end vehicles in town. Any trip to their shop is truly remarkable. It’s more like a Luxury Auto Dealer.

They were working on this sexy beast and I couldn’t resist…remember I said always carry your camera?

Apparently it’s a ‘Kit Car’ and they’re made by several companies. This one was completely irresistible. The colour in there was so neutral, at first I thought I was shooting Black & White.

750 little Horsies under the hood. Very impressive.

Cobra-1 Cobra_3


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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