Always Grab Your Camera

I posted a version of this the other day, but y’know what?

I like this one a lot better. Here’s a LINK 


I keep my camera with my car keys or very close nearby. You could consider this photograph a form of ‘street shooting’ I suppose. I quite like the image. More to the point I quite like HER.

What a terrific expression. Despite the fact that it’s only September 9th, (*the day it was taken and not even FALL yet –let alone WINTER), and it’s already snowing in Calgary, this delightful woman doesn’t seem to mind one little bit.

She’s having a great time.

Street Photography is tricky at times. For this shot I didn’t even put the camera to my face. Unlike the X-100 that I had originally the XE-2 doesn’t have a leaf shutter so it’s not completely silent. That can get you ‘caught’ sometimes although it didn’t happen in this instance. I split toned the shot and I like the effect even though you don’t see skies this colour anywhere. Lots of times I’ll just ‘shoot from the hip’ and keep my fingers crossed. Two ‘techniques’ you can employ that help you get away with it is not to take the photo and check the back of the camera. Oh, yeah that’s a dead giveaway or keep the camera to your eye after you get your shot. They THINK you took their photo, but if you keep looking past them through the viewfinder? They quickly think they were mistaken. Finally always be willing to share and if you get a little static of it, offer to delete it. Immediately.


I find the shots I seem to enjoy the most these days are the ones you don’t see coming. If you keep your eyes open and have a camera with you they pop up in the most unexpected places.

Late Night Snowstorm Girl Playing in a Games Arcade

 And yeah, occasionally you do get BUSTED.


But overall, it’s all in good fun. Just ask Paula.


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