An Honest to Goodness Treat for an Old Dog Photog

Every once in a Blue Moon…
a lucky, pleasant event blows into the life of any Old Dog Photographer who manages to keep at it long enough.
This past October 1st, I found a nice surprise in my inbox that went a little bit like this:

Hi John;
You snapped our wedding in 1997.

(Possibly you’d recall a bride, groom and 2 grooms-brides-men on stationary bikes at Heaven’s Fitness.)

Anyhow, we’ve got a son now and have never done any photos. He’s 3.5 and it’s time.

Looking to connect and do some visual damage when you have time.


Fast forward to 2012-FIFTEEN YEARS!


I’d only been shooting as a Pro for 4 years then; as of THIS shoot?
It’s 21.

Hence the ‘Old Dog’.

Both Tom and I have a little more grey.

Say, oh…50 Shades?

How come he looks so much better?

I’d have to say it was an honor and a privilege.
These were shot on October the 18th on a terrific Autumn Day but just at the very end of the last of the Fall colours.
What once started as two all those years ago is now a terrific Family of Five.
Thanks Tom, Maureen, Seeton Java and Toby.
It was a great day and a real treat!



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