A Very Tall Order Indeed-Redux

Finally Getting It Right.

I have a Client who has done a tremendous amount of Electrical work, in the downtown core for some pretty heavy duty projects.
As such, they also have a LOT of large framed Photographs throughout their offices, see the previous post on this topic.

The original photo was taken on Canada Day, July 1st.
Being right before Stampede Week, they’d erected a ‘Western Theme’ on the Exterior of the Bow and there’s no getting around it.
Frankly, as previously written, my biggest concern was even getting it all in.

Well, The Ti-Pi’s finally came down.
You can see that from the second of the two photos, posted.
I wasn’t worried in the least about getting it all in the frame; I’d done it previously, however…
I also did it over a month ago, at 4:35 AM!


The Bow Stampede Draped

If you were trying to flag down a Taxi, you couldn’t even do that, there was simply no action out on the street whatsoever.
Well, aside from the guy sitting on a drywall pail behind some bright orange barricades.

In my heart of hearts, I really wanted to do this on my 21 mm Zeiss Distagon.
It’s an exquisite piece of equipment and beats my 16-35mm Canon L Zoom hands down.
I framed it up with the Zeiss and it just wasn’t meant to be.

With Ultra-Wide Angle Lenses, even the difference of a few millimetres can make a huge difference in the Viewfinder.
Back to the 16-35. 16 to 21 was just too much of a spread.

The first shot with Ti-Pi’s was done at 4:36 AM, the second at 5:46 over a month later.

I’ve mentioned this many times.
I don’t take photos in my line of work.

At 5:46 the street was bustling with Pedestrians, Traffic, Buses, Taxi’s, Parking Cars and Orange Traffic Cones.
One by one those things all have to ‘Go Away’.

I purposely left the gentleman on the bike in the Photograph.
I like the sense of scale and the ‘teenie’ bit of foreground interest he added to the image.
The client m-a-y disagree. I’ve got a feelin’.

Now, I don’t reshoot. Virtually EVER.
One of three scenarios always arises.
1.) I’m in 100% control of the situation.
2.) I’m in 100% control of the situation.
3.) Some guy decides to put up “Ti-Pi’s”

Now and again? The “Ti-Pi’s” get the last laugh.

As always I invite you to share, share, share.

Questions and Comments are always very welcomed.
Do you like the Cyclist in the Shot?


John Sharpe C.P.C/ Sharpeshots

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