Ask Tim Grey

I don’t know how I managed to discover Tim Grey.

I’m an information ferret, I generally stumble into virtually everything of value if it pertains to quality information on Photography.
For as a long as I can remember I’ve been getting a daily newsletter from Tim Grey.

Truth be known, if Tim doesn’t have the answer it’s likely something you don’t need to know at all.
I highly recommend Tim and everything he does.

This guy is simply THAT good.

If you’re reading this?
I’m WAVING at you!
First of all, try THIS:

Then? Try the motherlode of all information.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

2 Responses to “Ask Tim Grey”

    • admin

      Tim, Sir.
      I’ve never seen a walking encyclopedia of anything Photographic before.
      You’re the best to come down the tracks in a very long time.
      My DISTINCT Pleasure.
      John Sharpe


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