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Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas! Thanks for reading, it’s greatly appreciated! Warm Regards for the Season! John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

They’re BACK!

┬áTo the best of my knowledge, Polaroid was defunct. So I was a little surprised when a friend of mine pointed this out to me. I’ve always been a gadget fan and this seems hugely innovative. The size of it is incredible and I noticed the mounting system. It’s Clever. Very Clever. With this little… Read more »

The Best And The Worst Cameras of 2014

Chris and Jordan are at it again… I mean the Camera Store carries virtually everything. As a result they’ve seen it all, all year long. Personally I can’t comment on Video. As Gregory Heisler said when somebody asked if he ever did Video. He said something like “I have NETFLIX”. Can’t find the quote directly… Read more »

I Had NO idea.

Considered, perhaps,the all time Master of Photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson was a Legend. I stumbled into this fact only a day or so ago. Everyone who knows the ‘History of Photography’ has heard that Cartier-Bresson was the father of modern photo journalism, as did I. However, I’d assumed that he lived and died many, many years… Read more »


I have a Canon 100-400 4.5/5.6 L Series Zoom. I’m selling it. Chris At the Camera Store in Calgary knows me and the lens very well. He told me to sell it for $1400. It’s a Lens I THOUGHT I’d get loads of use out of. I just don’t. It’s lovely and sharp and that… Read more »

Documentary Photography

At some point in time, memories fade. The Bhopal Tragedy. Thirty years ago now. I was 31 and preoccupied with entirely different things. I was involved in Photography as a very happy amateur and working in the camera stores learning gear, gear, gear. I was eight years away from hanging out my shingle. Sometimes stupidity… Read more »

Some Serious Thinking About Your Craft

I LIKE Zack Arias. ZACK ARIAS I actually like the guy a lot. Never met him, doubt I ever will. It all began sometime around the time I purchased my first Fuji Camera, the X-100. THAT was a total love/hate relationship which Fuji and I have now grown well past. I flogged that camera and… Read more »

A Home Session

This is one of the nicest homes I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph. I really enjoyed shooting this place. The client was Smart Timberframes. It’s beautifully decorated and the open beam ceilings give it a wonderful, cozy feel. I’m a huge fan of cozy. It’s a bit of a drive out of town. The… Read more »

Now this is VERY, Very Cool!

To Quote Gizmodo: “It’s pretty rare that a new product truly surprises us. But today Amazon did just that, introducing Echo, a talking, listening piece of electronic furniture. It’s like having the internet on your kitchen table, cracking jokes and settling bets, and it’s the most innovative device Amazon’s made in years.” Personal Note Now,… Read more »