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Giving Thanks!

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today. And so, I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you who continue to read this blog. I trust that there’s some pearls of information in here somewhere for your efforts. Google Analytics can’t tell who you are but it can tell where you’re from, roughly… Read more »

Canon PowerShot G7 X Photo Gallery

It’s Impressive DPReview has published a small gallery of photos from the new Canon G7x. It seems like you guys can get enough of this little guy. I’m happy to pass it along. Just click on the link, below. LINK Enjoy! John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

Fuji’s ‘Digital Film Stocks’

The Fuji XE-2. The Fuji XE-2 has a number of ‘Digital film Stocks’ included, such as Std (*Provia), V (*Velvia), and S (*Astia). Each of these settings is designed to give the Photographer a colour and contrast equivalent of those old transparency films. Additionally, there are two ‘Pro Neg” equivalents and 5 B&W styles, featuring… Read more »

At Canon, We See Impossible.

        At Canon, We See Impossible. This better be GOOD. I have the distinct feeling it will be, but at THIS time, nobody is talking. OK, so let’s dig in. From what I’ve read it started with a big ad in the New York Times. Just saw this, this morning. *Ain’t insomnia… Read more »

The Beatles-Unplugged

YouTube is Massive. So massive, in fact that you’ll stumble into countless fascinating video clips, and this one certainly qualifies. These are vocal tracks from Abbey Road, but nothing like I’ve ever heard. It’s amazing to hear them like this. You’ll get an entirely new perspective from this. Enjoy and have a great day. John… Read more »

AC Cobra!

  I had a little ‘tightening’ up to do. I had a loose crossover in driver’s side the door of my 2000 GMC Safari, and it was banging around like rocks in a coffee can. It was also driving me completely whacko. They fixed me up in no time and, as always, they never break… Read more »

The Most Unbelievable 7:38 You May Ever See

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge This is undoubtedly the most incredible feat of footage I’ve been fortunate enough to witness in quite some time. This Danny Macaskill is truly one incredibly skilled guy. But more to the point how GUTSY is this? The footage is breathtaking. Completely. This from the YouTube description. It was published on… Read more »