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Instagram Hyperlapse News

Mashable has just posted an article on Hyperlapse. You can now do ‘Selfies’ as they’ve made the front camera available for use with the program. Looks like a lot of fun. LINK Give it a look. It’s FREE!~ John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


IF YOU’RE USING ADOBE CC…. Do NOT update your Mavericks to 10.9.5! I’m using CS6 so it’s no issue for me. AFTER I installed the update Apple informs me that Adobe Creative Cloud is not compatible. It then moved CC (I had it and uninstalled it*) into an ‘Incompatible Software File’. Caveat Emptor! Be careful… Read more »

A Sign Of The Times.

A Sign Of The Times? So. On our ‘failed’ Roadtrip last weekend, we were about to cross a bridge on the way to Livingstone Falls which is on ‘highway’ 40 south and east of Nanton. It’s actually more of a forestry trunk road, however it did contain a somewhat interesting Construction Sign that was rather… Read more »

Roadtrips That Die On The Vine

There’s an old saying. Some days you eat the bear; some days the bear eats YOU. We did a rather long roadtrip last weekend, very close to 500 kilometers round trip and in all brutal honestly, I at least I, stunk the place out. I have no idea why exactly, but I bolted on my… Read more »

More On The New Canon G7x

I’m a big fan of PetaPixel I have Google Analytics on my site as well as my blog. It offers up gobs of information about who’s on the site at any given time. Well, not so much who but there they’re from, what they’re looking at for content, time spent etc. I love seeing that… Read more »

Always Grab Your Camera

I posted a version of this the other day, but y’know what? I like this one a lot better.¬†Here’s a LINK¬† I keep my camera with my car keys or very close nearby. You could consider this photograph a form of ‘street shooting’ I suppose. I quite like the image. More to the point I… Read more »

Sheer Portrait Magic-And Some Things To Be VERY Afraid Of!

Meet Paula Paula is my chum. She’s brilliant. She’s funny, perceptive and has a wonderful way of seeing life. She’s also insanely ‘capable’. She just knows how to get things done. So? She’s the ‘Chief Cook And Bottle Washer’ at a small Oil Company in Calgary. I was contracted to do some ‘Corporate Headshots’ and… Read more »

Headed South

I was in Saskatchewan shooting my favourite: old rusty cars and trucks. There’s nothing in southern Saskatchewan but prairie and sky: it is endless and this was in October. There was a lot of noise up high and it was getting louder. An amazing sight. The start of a lot of big changes to come…. Read more »

9 Year-Old Dutch Girl Sings Opera, Wows Judges

There’s something absolutely amazing about this 9-year old. This little girl has it ALL. Grace, poise, extraordinary good looks and one helluva’ voice. You really won’t believe your eyes, nor will you believe your ears. For my money it’s a mind-blowing performance that’s had over 2 MILLION, yep MILLION views. So that means not everybody… Read more »

Conqueror Australia

I adore ingenuity. I’m not sure how I bumped into this online last night but all I could think was “how cool is that?” HOW COOL IS THAT? Now. I am not now, nor have I ever been a ‘Camper’. My idea of roughing it is ‘Basic Cable’, but I really have to hand it… Read more »