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In Banff National Park At Vermillion Lakes We were blessed with a beautiful morning and a wee dollop of drama. Vermillion Lakes aren’t really lakes at all they’re more like shallow marshes which makes it quite attractive to birds. On this particular morning there was a heron prowling around and it was early spring. My… Read more »

Kim Cattrall-with Jian Gomeshi

There’s something about Kim There’s few interviewers that I enjoy more than Jian Gomeshi. I just wish I had his ‘telephone’ voice, plus? He’s just plain ‘savvy’. This is a nice interview with Kim Cattrall. She’s the Bomb. Right? Doesn’t hurt that she used to be married to Mark Levinson, the Audio Genius… You all… Read more »

A Beautiful Real Estate Shoot

Calgary-Mount Royal Had occasion to photograph a wonderful, traditional styled home in the Mount Royal district of Calgary. I’m a much bigger fan of ‘cozy’ than I am of contemporary. This was beautifully decorated and immaculate. It’s very rare, indeed, that I’ll end up taking 87 Photographs for a listing but every time I turned… Read more »

Michael McDonald-The Unbelievable Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald Yeah. 1976. I had done a few years on the road playing Rock & Roll. Somehow, and I can’t remember why, I ended up in an audio store selling nice, pricey stereo equipment. We had some decent demo LP’s, yep, Vinyl… can you even imagine? This one had me completely transfixed. When I… Read more »

When It All Comes Together

When It All Comes Together… I had occasion last night to photograph one of the suites in Le Germaine Residences. I photograph e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, including lots of Real Estate. I loved this suite. Honestly? It requires the exact same technique to shoot Ugly Betty or Marilyn Monroe. Assuming you don’t cut corners. I NEVER cut corners…. Read more »

Banff Park Grizzly-ReDux

Young Grizzly-Bow Valley Parkway There’s still a few critters I have yet to see in the mountains. Cougar. They are incredibly elusive and you can literally walk past one, mere yards away, and never know it happened. They know you’re coming a long time before you know they’re there. Wolf. There are wolves in Banff… Read more »