A BIG Boy-In A Very Bad Mood

A Big Boy In A Very Bad Mood-How To Stay Out Of Trouble

Some time back, a good buddy of mine convinced me that we should try Yellowstone when he finally slipped the leash and got vacation.
He works in the Golf and Turf Industry so spring and summer are never an option.
It’s always in ‘Blah’ Season-generally after everything has fallen off the damned trees.

This was in early October.
It was cold and dreary for most of it, me opting to sit in the van with the heat running and NPR on the radio while he went trudging off to shoot geisers.

There’s loads of Bison in Yellowstone.
I’m a big fan of anything that remotely suggests ‘wild west’ and ‘Beefalo’s’ always fill the bill perfectly for ME.

One thing that prairie boys learn if they have a lick of sense is the RUT.
Mating Season for Ungulates.
They get cranky as Hell and Competitive. They don’t broach stupidity.

Tourists have no idea and I’m personally amazed there isn’t a highway death toll for stompings and gorings at this time of year.

This guy was in a dilemma.
He had a cow and a calf wander over to the other side of the road from where he had his ‘harem’.
That pissed him off. Big Time. He was now on THIS side, determined to get them back.

On top of that? Two idiots piled out of a van with cameras, long lenses and, WTF?
Now honestly, in the right season they truly don’t give a damn, but when it’s in the RUT…
That’s Dynamite.
Real Wild West Dynamite.

Bison, Yellowstone

This was shot with a 70-200/2.8L Lens and a 1.4 Converter.
Sure I’m stupid but not THAT stupid.

Who do you think won the intimidation contest here?
I could tell he was getting antsy– REALLY antsy, so we stood as still as we could….
And shot.

But…the minute he fixed his gaze and started licking his nose?
I knew.
It was a lightning strike about to happen.
UP came the tripods and there was a hasty retreat back to the vehicle.

Scared? Oh yeah.

A boy’s gotta’ know when he’s boxing out of his weight class.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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