Mommy Bear, Baby Bears

Sheep River Wildlife Sanctuary is located south of Calgary.

Route options aren’t listed on Google Maps but it’s well signed and just a short drive west of Turner Valley.

Sheep River Falls WAS Beautiful.
I haven’t had a chance to return since the Calgary area floods.
The impact on the rivers and streams was absolutely beyond belief.
Bridges and Highways were completely washed away.
Kananaskis Country is nothing like it used to be.

Sheep River Sanctuary is located in some of the most beautiful foothills country I’ve ever seen.

Now and again, you’ll get a pleasant surprise.

A friend and I were headed home and were driving past a grove of trees when I spotted the Mother Black Bear.

I learned a long time ago an important tip.
Landscapes are generally in no hurry to get away.
Wildlife, on the other hand can disappear in an instant.
I always put the longest lens I have on the camera, first.

That little strategy has paid off more than once.
I wrap it over the back of my headrest on the driver’s seat. It’s available in a matter of seconds.

Black Bears

Black Bears in Trees Sheep River Sanctuary

It was actually my friend that asked me what those things were up in the treetops, and admittedly, I hadn’t really noticed, at first.

Now and again, you’ll get a pleasant surprise.

I was amazed that the cubs could even begin to climb so high.
The Mother Bear stayed where she was and after about 20 minutes of casual grazing, she let out a grunt and turned to walk away.
The cubs made it down in record time.

Experiences like this are ‘accumulative’.
You’ve got to be out there to get these.

Local Photographer and exceptional shooter in all regards is #MikeDrew.
He’s a very accomplished wildlife and nature photographer.
Here’s a LINK to some of his work.

His Facebook Page is HERE.
He’s a master at being in the right place at the right time.

John Sharpe C.P.C/Sharpeshots



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