Instagram Hyperlapse News

Mashable has just posted an article on Hyperlapse.

You can now do ‘Selfies’ as they’ve made the front camera available for use with the program. Looks like a lot of fun.


Give it a look. It’s FREE!~

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Do NOT update your Mavericks to 10.9.5! I’m using CS6 so it’s no issue for me. AFTER I installed the update Apple informs me that Adobe Creative Cloud is not compatible. It then moved CC (I had it and uninstalled it*) into an ‘Incompatible Software File’.

Caveat Emptor!

Be careful BEFORE you update.

As well?



One last thing? I’ve talked to a couple of people who ARE using CC and have done the update with no problem. I’d back everything up before I do, though. Look what’s just happened to iOS8.

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A Sign Of The Times.

A Sign Of The Times?

So. On our ‘failed’ Roadtrip last weekend, we were about to cross a bridge on the way to Livingstone Falls which is on ‘highway’ 40 south and east of Nanton.

It’s actually more of a forestry trunk road, however it did contain a somewhat interesting Construction Sign that was rather unexpected. Now, you know I’ve been saying always grab your camera and that some of the best shots you get will arrive when you least expect them. This was precisely the case here. Feel completely free to share this post. We all know someone who needs a giggle.

Construction Sign Titties

There’s no sense in even wondering why. I think both Allan and I would have loved to meet ‘WHO’ though. Just for a beer and a pat on the back.

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Roadtrips That Die On The Vine

There’s an old saying.

Some days you eat the bear; some days the bear eats YOU.

We did a rather long roadtrip last weekend, very close to 500 kilometers round trip and in all brutal honestly, I at least I, stunk the place out. I have no idea why exactly, but I bolted on my Canon 100-400 zoom and left it on the entire day. That’s perfectly alright for a handful of shots but the whole damned day? We were out for about 13 hours and I do believe that I got 3-4 photos that were moderately acceptable. One of them is included here. Follow the link.

Misty Morning HDR


It’s inevitable that if you do enough roadtrips you’re eventually going to run out of local locations that you haven’t shot to death or you’re just going to stumble into a day that doesn’t offer up anything that’s really worth shooting. This past Sunday was a rock solid #2. Just Blah, as a matter of fact it went from blah, to blah-blah-blah. Not too sure how my buddy made out but I suspect it wasn’t an awful lot better.

Horse in Pasture

We plan on getting out once or twice more before the season falls flat on it’s face. Here’s hoping for better luck next time.

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More On The New Canon G7x

I’m a big fan of PetaPixel

I have Google Analytics on my site as well as my blog. It offers up gobs of information about who’s on the site at any given time. Well, not so much who but there they’re from, what they’re looking at for content, time spent etc.

I love seeing that you’re taking an interest in what I post. Just thought you should know.

There was a fair amount of interest in the new Canon G7x when I posted on it at the first part of Photokina, and lo and behold, here’s an even more in depth review of the little monster.

You’ll find the link to the full review HERE

Canon G7x


Having an f1.8/2.8 maximum aperture is fantastic I find this camera wildly tempting but… I already have three. Doesn’t hurt that it also has a 24-100mm equivalent zoom range!

I’ll just have to accept this one isn’t in the cards, but having a tilting LCD, leaf shutter and virtually no shutter lag. it’s very well suited for street shooting…see my previous post.

Enjoy the review.

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Always Grab Your Camera

I posted a version of this the other day, but y’know what?

I like this one a lot better. Here’s a LINK 


I keep my camera with my car keys or very close nearby. You could consider this photograph a form of ‘street shooting’ I suppose. I quite like the image. More to the point I quite like HER.

What a terrific expression. Despite the fact that it’s only September 9th, (*the day it was taken and not even FALL yet –let alone WINTER), and it’s already snowing in Calgary, this delightful woman doesn’t seem to mind one little bit.

She’s having a great time.

Street Photography is tricky at times. For this shot I didn’t even put the camera to my face. Unlike the X-100 that I had originally the XE-2 doesn’t have a leaf shutter so it’s not completely silent. That can get you ‘caught’ sometimes although it didn’t happen in this instance. I split toned the shot and I like the effect even though you don’t see skies this colour anywhere. Lots of times I’ll just ‘shoot from the hip’ and keep my fingers crossed. Two ‘techniques’ you can employ that help you get away with it is not to take the photo and check the back of the camera. Oh, yeah that’s a dead giveaway or keep the camera to your eye after you get your shot. They THINK you took their photo, but if you keep looking past them through the viewfinder? They quickly think they were mistaken. Finally always be willing to share and if you get a little static of it, offer to delete it. Immediately.


I find the shots I seem to enjoy the most these days are the ones you don’t see coming. If you keep your eyes open and have a camera with you they pop up in the most unexpected places.

Late Night Snowstorm Girl Playing in a Games Arcade

 And yeah, occasionally you do get BUSTED.


But overall, it’s all in good fun. Just ask Paula.


Sheer Portrait Magic-And Some Things To Be VERY Afraid Of!

Meet Paula

Paula is my chum. She’s brilliant. She’s funny, perceptive and has a wonderful way of seeing life. She’s also insanely ‘capable’. She just knows how to get things done.

So? She’s the ‘Chief Cook And Bottle Washer’ at a small Oil Company in Calgary.

I was contracted to do some ‘Corporate Headshots’ and Paula, without a doubt, shone the brightest. This time I decided to push the envelope. H-A-R-D.

Things to be VERY afraid of.

1.) No depth of field.

Paula’s eyes are very in focus but the zone of focus doesn’t even include the tip of her nose .

Is this acceptable? Oh, yeah..but miss the eyes, yeah, by even a micron and you’re dead in the water, chum.  Soft eyes are a fail. Completely.

Now, I’ve TOLD you about ‘Drag Shutter’–mixing flash with available light… can you even TELL this was shot using a studio strobe?

It’s not bad at a 60th of a second. THIS was 1/5th of a second. A recipe for disaster. Yes you ARE using Flash but look at what could possibly go wrong?


2.) Eyes out of focus is always sin #1, motion blur and loads of colour contamination from the available light. You’ll see blue in the highlights in Paula’s eyes… that’s from the sky light coming in thru the boardroom windows in the conference room we were in. I didn’t mind it at all so I left it in in post. When your shutter runs THAT slow, 1/5th of a second… you’re definitely asking for it.

I chose a very small piece of blank wall behind her for my background.

This, again, was shot with the Canon 70-200/2.8 L II at F4.

Insanely narrow depth of field and I love the look completely. How ’bout YOU?  It’s SO soft and dreamy. It was also processed thru Imagenomic Portraiture and Perfect Portrait, but gently.

The Opacity of those layers was dropped dramatically… so it’s really a tweak, not a push.

Do NOT try this without a TRIPOD! You’re already pushing your luck far past having any margin for error.

Headshot, Paula Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 2.22.43 PM

OK, so, as I mentioned earlier, there is absolutely NO margin for error when you’re pushing your luck this hard, but the rewards are very well worth it. What a wonderful ‘feel’.

This was shot just the other day. Will I ever learn? Nope.

1/50th/3.5. I love using windows for a background. Use a spot meter and take a reading. I this case it was 5.6 thru the window. I metered my strobe, an Alien Bee with a silver Umbrella at F3.5. With almost NO depth of field, look what happens to the window, the patio furniture outside and the trees across the street? AIN’T Photography Wunnerful?

Single light, LOADS of drag shutter and an extremely photogenic guy.

Corporate Headshot Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 2.32.35 PM

All of this is about taking the ‘Road Less Travelled’. This certainly isn’t shooting SAFE, believe me, but it’s shooting for aesthetics.

I adore the feel of these portraits.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots



Headed South

I was in Saskatchewan shooting my favourite: old rusty cars and trucks.

There’s nothing in southern Saskatchewan but prairie and sky: it is endless and this was in October.
There was a lot of noise up high and it was getting louder.
An amazing sight.
The start of a lot of big changes to come.
I’m not Winter’s biggest fan, I know a lot of people are.
They love snowmobiles, hot chocolate, strapping on skis and snowboards, some fools will even go winter camping.
For Millennia, we struggled as a species to crawl out of the caves and stop huddling around fires.
Why would you ever want to go back to that in the middle of winter in a tent?
At any rate, when the birds head south for the winter, there’s always a personal sense of melancholy that it’s all coming to an end again for yet another year.

Canada Geese Migrating

500 sec, 80/8, 100 ISO


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

9 Year-Old Dutch Girl Sings Opera, Wows Judges

There’s something absolutely amazing about this 9-year old.

This little girl has it ALL. Grace, poise, extraordinary good looks and one helluva’ voice. You really won’t believe your eyes, nor will you believe your ears. For my money it’s a mind-blowing performance that’s had over 2 MILLION, yep MILLION views. So that means not everybody on earth has seen it, right? Maybe that includes you too. I originally saw this last year and I’ll never forget it. If you like it please share the blog post and pass it along. I’m honestly amazed.

Willing to bet you will be too.


John Sharpe/Sharpeshots

Conqueror Australia

I adore ingenuity.

I’m not sure how I bumped into this online last night but all I could think was “how cool is that?” HOW COOL IS THAT? Now. I am not now, nor have I ever been a ‘Camper’. My idea of roughing it is ‘Basic Cable’, but I really have to hand it to these guys. This contraption is unbelievable. See if you don’t agree.

I’ve posted two versions of the same video because they’re somewhat similar yet somewhat different.

My biggest question is “Who in the world thinks this up?” Truly. It’s ingenious.


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots