Music To Die For – At Least For ME

I’m an Audiophile.

I have been since the mid ’70’s.
I have any manner of Audio Systems, high end Astell & Kern personal audio player that plays 24 bit files and a knock down drag out sound system in my van.
Music is an integral part of my being and has been since I first heard ‘She Loves You’ and the Byrds doing ‘Turn, Turn, Turn.’

But along with it all comes an eternal, never ending flow of music. It’s relentless.
It’s this massive smorgasbord of millions of songs that, at least for me, seem to be just tons more of the same.
Every artist trying in some fashion to carve out their own, small personal space and few of them offering up anything I haven’t heard far too many times before.

In the 70’s, I first encountered Tangerine Dream.
It was an album called Rubycon. *Give it till about the 10 minute mark.
It was straight synthesizer music that seemed to simply warp time —the effect was dreamlike.
Listening to it, you had no real sense of time passing and when the album DID end you wondered how long it actually took you to listen to the whole thing.

So it was with great pleasure that I discovered more reviews of this ‘style’ of  ambient music on a website called  Headphone Commute.
And there I read a review of an album entitled BRAMBLES : CHARCOAL
Charcoal for ME had to be my favourite album of last year.
It’s somber and introspective.
It’s dreamy and ethereal, it is seductively beautiful, intensely melodic, ideal driving music, late night music cuddling music… music to read by.

There’s a link to go listen to it here

It’s a solo project of British born Mark Dawson whom I had never heard of previously to discovering the “Headphone Commute” review.
I’m going to be buying his material for as long as it’s available.
It has a wonderfully cinematic feel and for a solo, independent project, I personally find it sublime.
I’m certainly hoping you find it as unique and appealing as I do.
Drop a note in the comments if you agree.
Drop a note in the comments if you DON’T!

Either way it would be nice to hear from you.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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