Who Let The DOGS Out?

Husky, Dog Photography

Bouncer is a very rambunctious guy.
Beautiful, healthy Husky with energy to burn.

 Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

I’ve been a Professional Photographer since September of ’92.

We really need to follow our muse and one of the things that gives me an immense amount of sheer, unadulterated joy is DOGS. I adore them, especially the ‘Goofy’ ones. This guy qualified in spades.

His name is: Bouncer, and yes, I’ll give you three guesses as to why.

I had him on the seat behind me in my Van, *well half of him was on the seat behind me… on the way to Edworthy Park, here in Calgary; it’s ‘off leash’, and I thought for certain he was going to explode with excitement. Of course, that just makes ME explode with excitement. It was a short lived shoot but I shot some super keepers, including this Raspberry.

So watch for it very soon, and in the meantime if you have a super-photogenic bow-wow?

Let me know.

I’m still looking for new models.


John Sharpe/Sharpeshots



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