The Camera Store TV–What Should Canon And Nikon Do?

What Should Canon And Nikon Do?

I’m A Fanboy.

I’m QUITE the fan of these two guys, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake. A number of years back,they launched “The Camera Store TV” Channel on YouTube.
Yes. There IS a store in Calgary that sells Cameras called “The Camera Store”.

While most camera reviews, especially the video variety of same, are either far too dry, boringly technical or just way too kitschy…
These guys have found the ‘sweet spot’ with an added dash of humour and creativity.
They have an engaging interview style.
It’s very casual and yet highly informative. Chris and Jordan always dig deep into the corners.
Quite frankly, their style is completely unique.
On YouTube, you have to be.
Some guys, just have it down.
I’m also a big fan of #Matt Kloskowski and #Scott Kelby…. well #Joe McNally and….

This video is in contrast, in a fashion, with Eric Meola’s ‘deep dive’ review of the Nikon D810 from yesterday.
Eric brings a LOT to the table about the new DSLR from Nikon.

Chris and Jordan discuss the directions that Canon and Nikon, perhaps, OUGHT to be thinking about in the future.
I’m on my second Fuji Mirrorless, (XE-2), and at my ripe old age, it’s so much nicer to carry than a backpack with 5 lenses and a body.
Give this a watch and I’d strongly suggest you subscribe to their channel.
Every time they release a new viddy, I enjoy it more and more.

John Sharpe C.P.C./ Sharpeshots

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