Finally. Yes, Finally. Camera Wi-Fi.

There’s something amazing about In-Camera Wi-Fi

Street Photography

Candid Photo in Elevator

It’s nice to see that computing’s exceptional reach is soaking into day to day photography.

Not too long ago I bought a Fuji XE-2.
It was set up to couple with an iPhone through an in camera app in the Fuji and another in the phone.

Initially it was clunky, frustrating and reluctant to couple.
I wrote it off as a fairly useless waste of time.
Fuji, however, was thinking other things.

Never one to sit on their laurels, Fuji has somehow managed to ‘tweak’ the app into rather decent usability.
So, I can now shoot something on the XE-2, process the Raw File in Camera, save it, import it in a matter of seconds to my haggard old iPhone 4 and reprocess it any number of iPhone Applications.
From there it’s off to Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

This was a shot I pretended not to take in the elevator of my building.
My fellow passenger was engrossed in her iPhone… (*aren’t they ALL?), and I squeezed of a quick shot.

Days later I processed it in camera, tweaked it in Snapseed and posted it from my phone.

Things are changing at breakneck speeds.

Social Media has virtually dictated a lot of these new changes.
I find them truly remarkable.

Waiting for us to be able to fire our cameras, wirelessly and untethered from an iPhone or Android.


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots




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