Headed South

I was in Saskatchewan shooting my favourite: old rusty cars and trucks.

There’s nothing in southern Saskatchewan but prairie and sky: it is endless and this was in October.
There was a lot of noise up high and it was getting louder.
An amazing sight.
The start of a lot of big changes to come.
I’m not Winter’s biggest fan, I know a lot of people are.
They love snowmobiles, hot chocolate, strapping on skis and snowboards, some fools will even go winter camping.
For Millennia, we struggled as a species to crawl out of the caves and stop huddling around fires.
Why would you ever want to go back to that in the middle of winter in a tent?
At any rate, when the birds head south for the winter, there’s always a personal sense of melancholy that it’s all coming to an end again for yet another year.

Canada Geese Migrating

500 sec, 80/8, 100 ISO


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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