Canon G7x Or Sony RX100MkIII?

I found the New Canon G7x pretty tempting…

Most of that came from it’s fast apertures and very useful focal length. In that regard the Sony’s 24-70 max range comes up a little bit short in my books. I really like the ‘eye-dea’ of having a viewfinder. I do on my Fuji-XE2 and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to only using the LCD screens on the back of cameras, exclusively. I just don’t feel as connected to the photograph shooting that way. The Sony has a viewfinder, the Canon doesn’t. The Canon has a much more useful maximum end on it, the Sony’s is reasonable…but.

Now I’ve posted a number of Camera Store TV Video Reviews in the past and what I like most about Chris and Jordan is they literally pack them with useful information, don’t get smarmy like Digital Rev and try to make it a comedy show, nor to they yammer on endlessly without getting to the point. The Grid with Scot Kelby comes to mind.

BEST of all, these cats never get sentimental or review something better due to ‘brand loyalty’. They criticize where criticism is due. I’ve never found it heavy handed, snarky or unfair.

I’ve had a lot of traffic on this blog recently over the Canon G7x and here’s the latest iteration of what Chris and Jordan have to say. I was surprised, for example that the Sony Images seemed so noticeably sharper…

Enjoy. These guys are great to watch and always hit the nails squarely on the head.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

3 Responses to “Canon G7x Or Sony RX100MkIII?”

    • John Sharpe

      Of all the landing pages people have gone to on my site there were a LOT of them landing on the Canon G7x Blog Post.
      I predict they’ll sell a boat load of those little guys.


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