Canon G7x

Every couple of years, they roll out the biggest show in Photography.

And that’s Photokina. It’s held as a 6 day event in Cologne, Germany. A monster ‘trade show’ of new product from virtually anyone involved in the industry and it’s on now.

It’s when the big guns roll out their ‘best of show’ and it generally gets saved up FOR Photokina.


Now personally? I realized years ago that I just wasn’t havin’ any ‘phun’, dammit. I’d finally come to the point I’ve been dreading for years, and that is not wanting to go take pictures unless it was job related.

For any professional photographer, that’s flat out t-o-x-i-c. I talked it over with the Boss: ME,(*nice guy but a bit crabby), and we both decided that it would be a prudent idea to buy something for tooting around with. Always have a camera with you, ya’ just never know.

Case in point, this was done on my rusty old iPhone 4.


This was shot in my wanders with my Fuji XE-2, Wi-Fi’d to my phone from the camera and uploaded in a matter of a minute or two. Just a T-shirt hanging in a gift shop window but the point is , well you get the point.

Gimmee my Timmiesphoto

None of these images add of to anything special, but it’s not about that. It IS about trying to re-inject that original sense of wonder that got you into photography in the first place and as such was one of the smartest things I could do. This, Kids, is how you sharpen the saw.

The point of all this inane rambling leads us to to the following little story. Some years back when the above mentioned decision to re-equip was made, I bought the Canon G8. It was tough, produced great photos and I loved it with a BUT. It had to go with me on a shoulder strap. No matter, I also bought the G9, G10 and G11… selling each of the previous models at a substantial loss but who’s to explain Photographers. Oui? Non? And then came the Canon S95 Powershot. OK I was giving up the optical viewfinder however I could also fit it in a jacket pocket and that, to me, was a fair trade off. Still? The compact size demanded some trade off’s, no more articulating screen, no direct viewfinder whatsoever and worst of all, lens speed. I missed the ‘serious shooter’ capabilities of the G-Series Cameras but I already HAD a big DSLR, so to pocket and pocket lint we went.

Last year I adopted my Fuji XE-2 with ‘kit lens’. Now it’s the iPhone for goofy little stuff and the XE-2 for people standing outside windows taking Smartphone piccies of their pals. Lookit’ her. Ain’t she having fun? Somebody should tell her it’s raining out there. Oh yeah, and I still have my killer little S95.

But WAIT! Hello, Photokina. Out comes this shiny new ‘Love Child’ born from the mix of the S-Series compacts and the G-Series Muscle.

I’m very impressed. I think you will be too. Here’s an article I bumped into yesterday afternoon, the first image in the article is pretty funky.

Then? Check out the specs.



John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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