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I have a Canon 100-400 4.5/5.6 L Series Zoom. I’m selling it. Chris At the Camera Store in Calgary knows me and the lens very well. He told me to sell it for $1400. It’s a Lens I THOUGHT I’d get loads of use out of. I just don’t. It’s lovely and sharp and that… Read more »

Canon G7x Or Sony RX100MkIII?

I found the New Canon G7x pretty tempting… Most of that came from it’s fast apertures and very useful focal length. In that regard the Sony’s 24-70 max range comes up a little bit short in my books. I really like the ‘eye-dea’ of having a viewfinder. I do on my Fuji-XE2 and I don’t… Read more »

Canon PowerShot G7 X Photo Gallery

It’s Impressive DPReview has published a small gallery of photos from the new Canon G7x. It seems like you guys can get enough of this little guy. I’m happy to pass it along. Just click on the link, below. LINK Enjoy! John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

At Canon, We See Impossible.

        At Canon, We See Impossible. This better be GOOD. I have the distinct feeling it will be, but at THIS time, nobody is talking. OK, so let’s dig in. From what I’ve read it started with a big ad in the New York Times. Just saw this, this morning. *Ain’t insomnia… Read more »

A FULL Review Of The New Canon G7x

  Ta DA! A FULL Review Of The New Canon G7x!   Y’know? I’ve been watching. I’ve noticed a BOATLOAD of you good people have been coming back on more than a few occasions to read my posts on the NEW Canon G7x. SO? You’re really gonna’ love this little jewel! It’s a thoroughly exhaustive review… Read more »

More On The New Canon G7x

I’m a big fan of PetaPixel I have Google Analytics on my site as well as my blog. It offers up gobs of information about who’s on the site at any given time. Well, not so much who but there they’re from, what they’re looking at for content, time spent etc. I love seeing that… Read more »

Canon G7x

Every couple of years, they roll out the biggest show in Photography. And that’s Photokina. It’s held as a 6 day event in Cologne, Germany. A monster ‘trade show’ of new product from virtually anyone involved in the industry and it’s on now. It’s when the big guns roll out their ‘best of show’ and… Read more »