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Fuji’s ‘Digital Film Stocks’

The Fuji XE-2. The Fuji XE-2 has a number of ‘Digital film Stocks’ included, such as Std (*Provia), V (*Velvia), and S (*Astia). Each of these settings is designed to give the Photographer a colour and contrast equivalent of those old transparency films. Additionally, there are two ‘Pro Neg” equivalents and 5 B&W styles, featuring… Read more »


A Brightly Painted Stairway On a Walkabout Downtown. The XE-2 as always, is a winner. 40th/4  55mm 1000 ISO   ‘Allo, Brisbane!

A Sign Of The Times.

A Sign Of The Times? So. On our ‘failed’ Roadtrip last weekend, we were about to cross a bridge on the way to Livingstone Falls which is on ‘highway’ 40 south and east of Nanton. It’s actually more of a forestry trunk road, however it did contain a somewhat interesting Construction Sign that was rather… Read more »