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Fuji’s ‘Digital Film Stocks’

The Fuji XE-2. The Fuji XE-2 has a number of ‘Digital film Stocks’ included, such as Std (*Provia), V (*Velvia), and S (*Astia). Each of these settings is designed to give the Photographer a colour and contrast equivalent of those old transparency films. Additionally, there are two ‘Pro Neg” equivalents and 5 B&W styles, featuring… Read more »

AC Cobra!

  I had a little ‘tightening’ up to do. I had a loose crossover in driver’s side the door of my 2000 GMC Safari, and it was banging around like rocks in a coffee can. It was also driving me completely whacko. They fixed me up in no time and, as always, they never break… Read more »


A Brightly Painted Stairway On a Walkabout Downtown. The XE-2 as always, is a winner. 40th/4  55mm 1000 ISO   ‘Allo, Brisbane!


Charity concert for Kids in Calgary. PhilX and the Drills. Still is from Fuji XE-2 40/4.5   2500 ISO LINK Video is from another GIG….. John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots Oh and, Hello Kortrijk and Zwevegem! Thanks for dropping by!    

A Sign Of The Times.

A Sign Of The Times? So. On our ‘failed’ Roadtrip last weekend, we were about to cross a bridge on the way to Livingstone Falls which is on ‘highway’ 40 south and east of Nanton. It’s actually more of a forestry trunk road, however it did contain a somewhat interesting Construction Sign that was rather… Read more »

Always Grab Your Camera

I posted a version of this the other day, but y’know what? I like this one a lot better. Here’s a LINK  I keep my camera with my car keys or very close nearby. You could consider this photograph a form of ‘street shooting’ I suppose. I quite like the image. More to the point I… Read more »


Busted. One of the things that I love the best about the new Mirrorless breed is how easy they make it to be discreet. Well, most of the time. They’re small enough that I’ve never found any resistance to bringing them in almost anywhere. They’re quiet, you can always use the rear LCD and with… Read more »