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I haven’t picked up an iPhone 6. Yet. However, according to more than a few reviews it now contains the best Smartphone Camera there is. I’ve yet to see THIS. In the meantime there’s THIS. For now, I continue to plod along with my outdated iPhone4, which as of now, can’t even handle an iOS… Read more »

More Goodies for iPhoneographers

It’s no secret that I’m a Big Fan of iPhoneography. There’s an awful lot of apps available for iPhone ShutterBugs, the bulk of them quickly lose their novelty. I’ve always liked ‘Painteresque, use Snapseed for virtually every image, and just last week decided to plonk down my highly valued $1.99 to the App Store for… Read more »

A Nice New Addition to an iPhone Photo

You’re well aware, if you follow this blog… That I’m a big fan of iPhoneography. This morning I noticed Julianne Kost had posted some BEAUTIFUL work using the “Oil Paint” Filter in Adobes CS6 I was inspired.   Now. In All Fairness, I always run these flower shots through Painteresque>Snapseed and finally through Photoshop. This… Read more »

G’wan. Can you REALLY use an iPhone for a Headshot?

Lunch tomorrow…at Deville’s maybe? I got an email the other day from my long time friend Steffany. There’s a coffee shop a couple of blocks from here where we can collide occasionally over an all too brief lunch hour and dish a little dirt. It’s usually me doing the dishing, and Steff patiently sitting there… Read more »

iPhone Redux

There’s a Coffee Shop very near by that I can sit at for hours. I’ve been taking photos in there for months. Large Windows with a great street view make it an interesting place to shoot. iPhone 4 and… Again, Painteresque and Snapseed.                    

Presto, Digito! Mushrooms from Manure

The problem I’m having with my iPhone 4 lately is…. That I can’t seem to get enough. Uh huh. The entire nature of the thing is virtually ‘throw away’. It’s completely and utterly inconsequential, which is why if anything even moderately interesting arises? It’s a Triumph, plain and simple. You have 9/10ths of no control,… Read more »