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Roadtrips That Die On The Vine

There’s an old saying. Some days you eat the bear; some days the bear eats YOU. We did a rather long roadtrip last weekend, very close to 500 kilometers round trip and in all brutal honestly, I at least I, stunk the place out. I have no idea why exactly, but I bolted on my… Read more »

Photography with a Twist

There are times when ‘literal’ interpretation doesn’t count. On an early morning road trip with my good buddy Chris ‘BigDoer’ Doering we noticed this shot on the edge of a farmer’s field east of Calgary. Chris and Connie have a terrific blog that covers a boatload of hiking and exploring. They are infinitely curious and… Read more »

Range Roads -When You Just Need A Daytrip

Range Roads Some of the most beautiful country to drive through in Alberta is mostly made up of Ranchland. The drive south from Longview down Highway 22 is drop dead gorgeous and there are many miles of backroads all through there that are just waiting to be explored. It’s one of my favourite pastimes. There… Read more »

Mommy Bear, Baby Bears

Sheep River Wildlife Sanctuary is located south of Calgary. Route options aren’t listed on Google Maps but it’s well signed and just a short drive west of Turner Valley. Sheep River Falls WAS Beautiful. I haven’t had a chance to return since the Calgary area floods. The impact on the rivers and streams was absolutely… Read more »