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Throw A Little Back In The Pot

 I’ve said it on quite a few occasions in the past. I don’t REALLY take pictures for a living. Nah Nah. Rather, I consider myself more of a ‘Problem Solver’. The scenario is always the same beginning with these three little words words: “How Do I?” The questions range from “How do I make this… Read more »

An Honest to Goodness Treat for an Old Dog Photog

Every once in a Blue Moon… a lucky, pleasant event blows into the life of any Old Dog Photographer who manages to keep at it long enough. This past October 1st, I found a nice surprise in my inbox that went a little bit like this: Hi John; You snapped our wedding in 1997. (Possibly… Read more »

The Single Biggest Thing You Never Want to Miss

I had some catching up to do the other evening with my friend, Paula. She has two adorable ‘rescue mutts’ and she’s Mutt Mom Extraordinaire. Paula is an absolute beauty; she shoots like a house on fire and the dogs are adorable so, when it’s ‘walkie’ time for them, it’s also Canon Time for me…. Read more »