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Great News For Canon Shooters!

I shoot a TON of Brackets. I do exposure fusion in Photomatix for all my interior work and one of my shoots a while ago for a client consisted of 435 images that were blended down to 87 Photos. I use 5 brackets for every shot so it adds up. Quickly. So? I worried. Then… Read more »

Some Sensational Drone Video

Put Drones and GoPro’s together and the results can be sensational. What’s even more amazing is that both of those are still relatively recent. When you combine fantastic footage like this with a killer soundtrack to accompany it, the end result is breathtaking. This is Surf Video shot in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. If… Read more »

Reno Time!

It’s That Time Again. Once a year here in Calgary the Home Builders and Renovators  have a bit of a bash. It’s called the SAM AWARDS. They submit their best construction jobs of the entire year in hopes of winning a SAM AWARD. Deadline this year is November the 7. I’m fortunate to have some… Read more »

Hyperlapse Has An Almost Useless Secret Menu.

Hyperlapse’s Secret Menu There is a hidden menu that is accessible in Hyperlapse, with loads of options…but I have a BITCH. A very justified BITCH. Resolution can be changed to 1080p and frame rate can be bumped to 30fps. So far, so good, BUT… I mean, Damn. It’s not even mentioned in a Help Menu…. Read more »

Hyperlapse Is Really Good At Stabilized Video

If you want to enjoy the best feature of Hyperlapse, don’t speed up the footage. The result is some of the smoothest video you’ll see from your phone. Here’s an article on how and why featuring a few Video Demos. LINK John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots