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Charity concert for Kids in Calgary. PhilX and the Drills. Still is from Fuji XE-2 40/4.5   2500 ISO LINK Video is from another GIG….. John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots Oh and, Hello Kortrijk and Zwevegem! Thanks for dropping by!    

A FULL Review Of The New Canon G7x

  Ta DA! A FULL Review Of The New Canon G7x!   Y’know? I’ve been watching. I’ve noticed a BOATLOAD of you good people have been coming back on more than a few occasions to read my posts on the NEW Canon G7x. SO? You’re really gonna’ love this little jewel! It’s a thoroughly exhaustive review… Read more »


I haven’t picked up an iPhone 6. Yet. However, according to more than a few reviews it now contains the best Smartphone Camera there is. I’ve yet to see THIS. In the meantime there’s THIS. For now, I continue to plod along with my outdated iPhone4, which as of now, can’t even handle an iOS… Read more »

Bruce Gilden-Street Photographer

Been blogging about Street Photography and I just ran across this. This is Bruce Gilden. He was born and raised in NYC. He’s won a long string of credits and awards and he also does Street Shooting. As much as I enjoy street shooting and manage to bag the odd image that I quite enjoy,… Read more »

Instagram Hyperlapse News

Mashable has just posted an article on Hyperlapse. You can now do ‘Selfies’ as they’ve made the front camera available for use with the program. Looks like a lot of fun. LINK Give it a look. It’s FREE!~ John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


IF YOU’RE USING ADOBE CC…. Do NOT update your Mavericks to 10.9.5! I’m using CS6 so it’s no issue for me. AFTER I installed the update Apple informs me that Adobe Creative Cloud is not compatible. It then moved CC (I had it and uninstalled it*) into an ‘Incompatible Software File’. Caveat Emptor! Be careful… Read more »

Sheer Portrait Magic-And Some Things To Be VERY Afraid Of!

Meet Paula Paula is my chum. She’s brilliant. She’s funny, perceptive and has a wonderful way of seeing life. She’s also insanely ‘capable’. She just knows how to get things done. So? She’s the ‘Chief Cook And Bottle Washer’ at a small Oil Company in Calgary. I was contracted to do some ‘Corporate Headshots’ and… Read more »