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Moraine Lake in HDR

High Dynamic Range Photography HDR Photography is something I seldom ever do, although some of this weekend’s blog post on the Nanton Lancaster was a mix of HDR on a few and Exposure Fusion on some others. The ‘issue’ with HDR Photography is that when it’s poorly done it looks absolutely awful. The term for… Read more »

Bomber Command- Lancaster Merlin Engine Night Run

Yesterday was Crappy. It was cold, gloomy and raining all day long. My friend, ‘Brooker’, has been jonesing for YEARS to go to Nanton to see them fire up the engines on the Lancaster Bomber. With the weather the way it was yesterday, I had some serious doubts about even going at all. It just… Read more »


It might just be time to take a long second look at Flickr… It just may be time to take a second look at Flickr. It just may be time to take a second look at Flickr. According to Thomas Hawk’s Blog, Flickr’s staff has grown from 39 to 109. It seems they’re a much,… Read more »

Breaking Badder

This is just way too fun not to share. I absolutely loved Breaking Bad. Many people considered it to be the best television ever made. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were incredible. So it’s a real treat to see these guys again, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus in this short video done to promote the Emmys. Enjoy… Read more »

Rain Showers-In Time Lapse

Time Lapse Photography A few years back I had a brief flirtation with time lapse photography. There is a free download that is, essentially, a hack for Canon cameras. Magic Lantern is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren’t… Read more »

Meet John Sharpe

There’s this guy…. The funny thing about the Interweb is that you will make friends that you’ll probably never see. You won’t sit across the table from them and ‘do a coffee’; occasionally you’ll chat with them on the phone. Such is the case with my friend Don Gianatti. We’ve spent a good deal of… Read more »

Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light I’ve spent a wee bit of time at Craft Beer Market over the last few days. Mmmmm. Beer! Craft has a large bank of windows, facing north. The Renaissance Artists KNEW a perfectly constructed sofftbox when they saw it. The modelling on this photo was impeccable, it was the ideal ‘lighting ratio’. A… Read more »