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World Photography Day

Yes Indeed, Kids! It’s World Photography Day. Tuesday August 19th, 2014. 175 years! I’ve been shooting for 162 of that…. LOL John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

Lynn Goldsmith-Legendary Rock Photographer

You’ll not find a better Interviewer than Jian Ghomeshi from CBC. “In this Interview, Jian speaks with Lynn Goldsmith, an all-access photographer who has spent decades shooting compelling portraits, high-powered action shots and revealing backstage images of stars like Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson and Patti Smith — to name only a few. Goldsmith shares lively… Read more »


 Burger320 Went for Brunch with some close friends this morning at the Blue Star Cafe in Bridgeland. Noticed this little gem across the street and had to take the shot. When we’d originally arrived for brekky there was an SUV parked in front of it ruining the whole thing… BUT, the take-away is this: *(there’s… Read more »

Isle Of Man TT-The World’s Most Dangerous Race

The Isle Of Man TT-The World’s Most Dangerous Race This is hair raising, mind boggling and shiver inducing. Once you’ve seen it you never forget. EVER. There’s quite a bit of footage on YouTube on this race. You’ll soon see why. View in 720P and Full Screen! Enjoy! John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

Denis Gadbois-The Doctor is IN!

What can I say? Denis is the MASTER of the 360 Degree Panorama. His Facebook page is HERE. He’s a remarkable, giving gentleman who is an Art Instructor at the University of Calgary. This boy LOVES his 360’s! You’ll definitely want to check THIS out. Bravo, Monsieur…. and on a moving BOAT no less! John… Read more »

The Tragic Loss Of Robin Williams

The Death of Robin Williams, last evening was so utterly inconceivable that I’m still grappling with the Reality. It’s utterly surreal to even contemplate. The man was a giant to everyone except himself. Some people were/are so much larger than life, eg. Kennedy, Ghandi, Elvis, John Lennon, and so many, many more that they make… Read more »

Coastal Insight

It’s funny how things progress in these days of the Interweb. A friend of mine is John MacLean. You can visit his site HERE. He’s been a great source of inspiration for me with my interior photography. He’s a Pro Photographer whom I’ve never met… we just sort of ‘collect’ them, online. Well, a friend… Read more »