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Headed South

I was in Saskatchewan shooting my favourite: old rusty cars and trucks. There’s nothing in southern Saskatchewan but prairie and sky: it is endless and this was in October. There was a lot of noise up high and it was getting louder. An amazing sight. The start of a lot of big changes to come…. Read more »


In Banff National Park At Vermillion Lakes We were blessed with a beautiful morning and a wee dollop of drama. Vermillion Lakes aren’t really lakes at all they’re more like shallow marshes which makes it quite attractive to birds. On this particular morning there was a heron prowling around and it was early spring. My… Read more »

Mommy Bear, Baby Bears

Sheep River Wildlife Sanctuary is located south of Calgary. Route options aren’t listed on Google Maps but it’s well signed and just a short drive west of Turner Valley. Sheep River Falls WAS Beautiful. I haven’t had a chance to return since the Calgary area floods. The impact on the rivers and streams was absolutely… Read more »