Them Changes, Them Changes……

There was a time, not so long ago….

People would call.

‘We need a Photo of an executive. It has to be shot in our location and MUST be on a White Background.”

Well that gets tricky, just loading all that stuff in by myself.  A 15 foot roll of white seamless paper, light stands and poles. Is there even space to set that stuff up?

I got this call from an Ad Agency this week. I said I can do that, however…. I won’t be dragging in all that junk.

‘She’ insisted it be a pure white background.. I promised it would be. I shot these shots with two, very small on camera Speedlights. Canon 430 EXII’s and some Pocket Wizards. Horrifying. The background shadows were hideous and? It was against a green wall. A nasty recipe, ready for disaster.

Tim was a very co-operative victim. Nice guy, nice tie. Looking at what was on the back of the camera, I’d have fired ME. Nevertheless? I had a Vision. LOL

This is a game-changer. Clipping Paths. God Love’ya, Photoshop.

Agency said if it isn’t a nice white background it’s all over, Baby Blue.




Might just have pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

John Sharpe

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