It might just be time to take a long second look at Flickr…


It just may be time to take a second look at Flickr.

It just may be time to take a second look at Flickr.
According to Thomas Hawk’s Blog, Flickr’s staff has grown from 39 to 109.
It seems they’re a much, much happier crew.
Hawk says, “all Flickr users also receive a terabyte of high resolution photo storage.”
Marissa Mayer the CEO at Yahoo has made some very significant changes and it seems to be working well.

Now to be quite honest, I haven’t logged into my Flickr account in a long, long while.
The way it was a few years ago when I was paying for it, I was somewhat under impressed.
I have old photo sets on there that need to be swept out, and I think it’s time to snoop around and see what’s new and exciting.
A free terabyte of photo storage is not too shabby at all. Agreed?
When I was using it, I wold post photo sets and direct clients to ‘the shoot’

I adore 500px. The site is beautiful and the quality of photography is unbelievable.

I also have my account here

They positively knocked that one right out of the park.
They’re like Canadian, eh?
I heard in a podcast that Jeremy Cowart recommends “Pixieset”
I signed up for that last night, I haven’t had the opportunity to play with it.

In the meantime it just might be a good excuse to re-visit your Flickr Account.

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