Fuji’s ‘Digital Film Stocks’

The Fuji XE-2.

The Fuji XE-2 has a number of ‘Digital film Stocks’ included, such as Std (*Provia), V (*Velvia), and S (*Astia).

Each of these settings is designed to give the Photographer a colour and contrast equivalent of those old transparency films. Additionally, there are two ‘Pro Neg” equivalents and 5 B&W styles, featuring different colour filters. There is also a Sepia tone. Personally, I haven’t played with these a lot. The B&W Images that this camera can produce are superb. I just haven’t used the Colour Stocks that much. The default colour setting is Std or the Provia equivalent.

My pal and I were in Kootenay Nat’l Park on Monday and we noticed Marble Canyon. The water colour was irridescent and the sky cleared from gloomy to gorgeous. Out came the sun. We had divinely perfect shooting conditions.

For a change I decided that this was the time to shoot the Velvia setting for a bit of extra punch and saturation. I usually handle that in RAW, but the Fuji’s are legendary for producing superb JPEG files. Additionally, of course, none of these FILM STOCKS work in RAW on these cameras. If you want to use these effects they have to be applied ‘in camera’.

After I got to the processing stage, I took a good look at this particular image and I realized that the Velvia ‘stock’ is quite good for some images in the right circumstances. It’s contrasty as heck and very saturated, not generally to my taste but here it worked very well.  As you can see, Velvia was all about the ‘Greens’ and they’re damned near fluorescent here, *notice the branches in the very foreground… but yeah, I’ve got to admit, it does remind me very much of how ‘Velvia’ used to look.

A handy setting to have available.

It’s worth poking around the menus in your camera to see if these options are available. In my XE-2, I shoot Jpeg+Raw so I have a ton of options when it comes to variety. For instance I can set the camera to shoot B&W, which it will apply to the JPEG version of the shot and it will leave the RAW version in colour. These guys think of everything!

Marble Canyon1-1024


Marble Canyon 2, Kootenay Nat'l Park




John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots



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