Banff Park Grizzly-ReDux

Young Grizzly-Bow Valley Parkway

There’s still a few critters I have yet to see in the mountains.

They are incredibly elusive and you can literally walk past one, mere yards away, and never know it happened.
They know you’re coming a long time before you know they’re there.


There are wolves in Banff Nat’l Park, I’ve never been fortunate to see them.
Someday I hope to scratch them off my bucket list as well.

In the meantime, I still consider myself very lucky indeed to see these guys whenever I do.
It’s not often but it’s pretty wonderful when it happens.

Banff Nat'l Park-Grizzly Bear

Banff Park Grizzly Bear

You can see a larger version of this shot HERE on my 500 PX page.

This guy hasn’t ‘filled’ out yet, but I was cruising up the Bow Valley Parkway, very slowly, in the late afternoon.
It was gloomy up there that day, so the light was very soft.

The biggest problem you’ll find there when you DO spot a bear is that they tend to attract a crowd —in a HURRY.
It’s called a Bear Jam.
Inevitably, some ‘genius’ with a point and shoot camera and a limited IQ, (*did I say Tourist?) only a few, decides that they don’t have enough lens and just have to get closer.

This causes a ton of problems for park staff and they generally break things up right away as soon as that level of stupidity comes to call.
These days they have a new policy that you can’t even park on the side of the road.
Technically, it’s illegal unless you have mechanical trouble or a medical issue. They use that against you.

I was extremely fortunate when I photographed this guy, he wasn’t stressed in any way and just enjoying the Dandelions.
I must have had the better part of an hour virtually alone with this fella’, which is completely unheard of. I was spoiled beyond belief by the Gods of Photography!
By now, we were well on the way to a crowd, at which point it’s only a matter of time. Usually far sooner than later.

I had SO many images of this beautiful bear that I finally just packed it up and drove home.
Shooting days never get better than this.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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