G’wan. Can you REALLY use an iPhone for a Headshot?

Lunch tomorrow…at Deville’s maybe?

I got an email the other day from my long time friend Steffany.
There’s a coffee shop a couple of blocks from here where we can collide occasionally over an all too brief lunch hour and dish a little dirt.
It’s usually me doing the dishing, and Steff patiently sitting there trying to squeeze in the occasional remark.

The patience of a Saint, that girl….

After sitting through my heated little diatribe on MWAC’s, former girlfriends and the damage done, we, (*did I say WE?) moved on to the subject of how much fun I’ve been having with the iPhone Camera.

It’s odd how that crept up. It happened very slowly, but it’s happened to a LOT of people.
I see regular Instagram posts from a few of my Facebook ‘Friend’ Heavyweights such as Katrin Eismann and
Julieanne Kost so it’s up, up and away.

According to Flicker’s Camera Finder, the iPhones are the single most used cameras published on the site.
Makes perfectly good sense to me.
They’re everywhere.

Now, Deville has huge floor to ceiling, east facing windows at street level and I always tease Steffany about how beautiful the light is in there, but she knows me better than that by now.
The truth is, light is always beautiful on HER.
I grabbed my phone and took one single shot.

I ran it through ‘Painteresque’ with pretty awful results in the ‘Painting’ styles, either 1 or 2.
And it turned out almost as bad in the ‘Charcoal’ style, I showed both versions to Steff and I’m not making any points here!

I already knew exactly what to expect from ‘Mars’, believe me, you don’t want to ‘go’ there unless you’ve got a grudge to settle.
But wait!

I’d never noticed the ‘Portrait’ mode, in Painteresque before.

By now, I’m desperate to pull something out of the fire.
Portrait mode added a really GOOD ‘soft focus’ filter that I could see on my finger-print smeared iPhone screen, immediately.

Wouldn’t you know it?


According to my ever compliant photo victim Steffany, on Facebook:

Once again John Sharpe worked his magic!

From a Facebook friend of hers named Matt:


This picture is amazing, seriously… Are those contacts?

Alright, true confession time here. I brightened up her eyes in ‘post’ just a pinch, but just a pinch.

Lastly, and surely most importantly of all, in the wonderful words of Steff herself?

He took this with his iPhone if you can imagine!


I guess I really DID.

3 Responses to “G’wan. Can you REALLY use an iPhone for a Headshot?”

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    Hi John – Nigel here from the photography business and marketing LinkedIn group!

    I love to see what members are up to, so thought I would stop by to take a look at your website and blog. This post about creating a portrait with an iPhone caught my eye, and I was quite amazed at the results. It’s incredible to me how far we’ve come over the years, and a little scary too, don’t you think?

    Keep up the great work, and it would be great to see you in the Zenologue Inner Circle (www.zenologue.com/blog/inner-circle) – we could really use more people with your skills in that group as motivation and inspiration for others just starting out!

    Best regards.



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