Herbert Lake – Banff National Park

Herbert Lake

Considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world is the Icefields Parkway, the highway that leads north to Jasper.
I’ve driven by Herbert lake many, many times and have stopped to just soak it all in virtually every time.

This time was different.
The clouds in the sky were very unusual and the reflections were amazing.
If you get there in the early morning, most times you won’t even see a ripple on the water’s surface.
This morning was the best I’ve ever seen.

There are a number of reviews from Trip Advisor.

One review, however, was posted as this:

“This lake is nice for a picnic but tends to be a bit close to the highway.Would be nice if they had more picnic benches in the area too. good though when the weather is nice.”

You’re KIDDING, right?

I’m sure we can have it moved somewhere a little more to your liking and add a whack more ‘Picnic Benches’.

Herbert Lake

You can see a larger version on my 500px page here: LINK

Here’s a Route Map.

Banff Map


When the Fall Colours happen up there and that will be about a month away, it’s literally spectacular.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots



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