Here Come The Christmas Dogs!

Here Come the Christmas Dogs!

OK. I’m crazy to even try this.

Dogs are difficult to photograph, I m-e-a-n it.

So Kaylene Newsom, a fellow photographer friend and and I got to thinking, we’d like to photograph dogs a lot more often…

WHAT were we thinking?

The idea of Christmas Cards came up and I knew right away that we’d need some samples.

These two clowns belong to my good friend Paula. They’re both rescue dogs and I had no idea but there are loads of ‘feral’ dogs running free on Reservations.

These two weenies were imports from Manitoba, and both different as night and day.

The ‘Reindog’ is LuLu, she’s a wonderful little girl with a heart of gold.

She got ¬†ALL the innocence and personality but they left out a few spoonfuls of ‘smarts’. She’s adorable and a real cuddlebug. Most of the time she’s never 100% sure of what’s going on but she’ll run with it anyway as long as YOU will.


Here come the Chrsitmas Dogs!

Here come the Christmas Dogs!

Now Lacee, on the other hand, ‘gets it’, and one thing she knows more than anything else is that she positively detests having her picture taken!

Can you tell? Yeah. She’s the big, savvy sister.

However, as we all know there’s this undeniable allure of …TREATS.

Yep treats and squeaker toys. A photographer’s best friend.

Dogs, Xmas


Now. Technically this was a bear to do. These dogs are the canine equivalent of a black hole. Light goes in, it never comes out. You have to pound it to them.

To make things a little more interesting, if you want the Christmas Tree to show up at all you need a wide aperture and slow shutter speed along with really high ISO-1250!

And then there’s the issue of autofocus–forget it, there’s no contrast in these mutts, so the camera just keeps on searching. Best you can possibly hope for is the eyes are sharp and the expressions are priceless.

So, in the meantime, we’ll keep on working out the bugs.

It takes a whole lot of clicking to make something stick!

Oh and thanks, Paula for digging out your Crimmiss Tree in the middle of September!


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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