Hyperlapse Has An Almost Useless Secret Menu.

Hyperlapse’s Secret Menu

There is a hidden menu that is accessible in Hyperlapse, with loads of options…but I have a BITCH. A very justified BITCH.

Resolution can be changed to 1080p and frame rate can be bumped to 30fps. So far, so good, BUT… I mean, Damn. It’s not even mentioned in a Help Menu. Access is do-able but horribly dumb and clumsy.

What is Calibration Mode? Reset NUX Flag? Check Mark and Check Mark Rise? deleteHyperlapseEvap, deleteHyperlapseSELECT? editBucketIn? The list…PAINFULLY, goes on and on with ZERO explanation for any of these features. WHY? Very poorly executed in an app that’s screaming to be used. So, I went looking for any explanation of what any of these really do. Nothing past the first few settings. I guess we have to wait and see. You can’t even get an idea from the Hyperlapse site. So my question is….WTF?


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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