The Summer Time Return of the “iPhloral”- A Tutorial

For lack of a better term for what to call them…

I came up with a ‘slight’ play on words.
Essentially,  these are Floral Photos take with an iPhone. “iPhlorals”.
With a tweak here and there these can become quite attractive, especially in light of how they begin.

Today, I’m going to post a real, ‘show and tell’.

Think of this as a pleasant little summertime Tutorial.

Straight out of the camera, your Flower shots are seldom going to be all that they could be.
The end results, with a little elbow grease ,however, at least in this humble Blogtographer’s opinion, can be quite pleasing.


Alrighty then…

At this point in time we have a “yawn”.

As a nice little note, I suggest NEVER to use the camera function in ‘Instagram’.
There’s always a delay between the time you press the shutter button and the time it takes the camera to fire.
It wastes a lot of shots turning them into attempts, due to camera shake.

Some of the Camera Apps have stabilizer functions included. Handy for this type of work. Try Camera+ and Pure.

Now, next to Sriracha, I DO like that Rooster Sauce… my second favourite ‘Secret Sauce’ is ‘Painteresque’
It’s available to look into HERE.

You can change the ‘Styles’ but I’ve had the most pleasing results out of Painteresque 2.
Sometimes I’ll save the image and run it again, with the same settings a second time.

The result is just like you see below.

Now that image was also played with in Google’s ‘SNAPSEED’

That’s available HERE.

iPhloral Tutorial

Your images will never be the same again!

It’s important to know that Snapseed gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility.
Colour, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth… the list is virtually endless.
My favourite take away is FRAMES, in Snapseed.
There’s a lot of creative options available.

Another *TIP, here is that if you want to post to Instagram, do your 1:1 Crop BEFORE you add a frame in Snapseed.
Instagram’s filters are fine but Snapseed has them beat by a country mile.

I’ve posted a number of other images here so you can get a feel for the ‘looks’.
It’s incredibly simple to do with these wonderful iPhone APPS.

Now go ahead and impress your friends!

iPhloral_2204 IMG_2236

Contact me with any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you.


John Sharpe C.P.C/ Sharpeshots




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