More Goodies for iPhoneographers

It’s no secret that I’m a Big Fan of iPhoneography.

There’s an awful lot of apps available for iPhone ShutterBugs, the bulk of them quickly lose their novelty.
I’ve always liked ‘Painteresque, use Snapseed for virtually every image, and just last week decided to plonk down my highly valued $1.99 to the App Store for ‘Mextures’.

I’d read a good review on it and it seemed to be quite flexible.
You’ll find the webpage HERE

photo 2 photo 3

It features Textures, Light-leaks, Emulsions, and a wide variety of other features that will guarantee you’ll not likely get bored any time soon.

I’m rather enamoured with being able to shoot with my brilliant wee Fuji-XE-2 and immediately send them, via Wi-Fi in camera, to my iPhone.
From there it’s a quick upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Drop me a note and let me know how YOU like it.



John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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