Now Listen Here, ‘BEEBS

Justin Bieber-The Beebs

I actually heard an interview a little while back with one of the Masters Of Grace And Style.
Paul Anka.
In it he said that Bieber, JayZ, Britney, Hell ALL the meltdown babies, don’t deserve the recognition they’ve gotten.
They haven’t earned it.
They have a total lack of respect for the industry that got them there, and their behaviour proves it.

 “I’d sit him down and tell him to get rid of all these enablers around who are giving him bad advice. And let him understand that he has an obligation to be very professional and to respect his audience.”

This is a somewhat toned down version of what was on the Radio.


Say what you like, I think she’s enormously cute personally, but that’s another story…
You really want to see how it’s pulled off professionally these days?

Taylor Swift.

Not one wrong move.
All class and all style regardless of your appreciation or lack of for her music.

Bieber on the other hand is a horribly narcissistic, toxically overindulged little a**hole, and if I’ve ever seen worse I truly can’t remember.
Nope. The REAL History makers are those that do it with panache and remain humble and grateful throughout.

George Harrison…
Sir Paul.
There’s a million of them… you know who they are, and then there’s all the rest..

As far as I’m concerned, The ‘Beebs’, being up on yet another reckless driving and assault charge this time near Stratford, Ontario gives me nasty physical reactions.


The ‘excuse’ that he’s just a kid, is crap.
Look at all the ‘just a kids’ on America’s Got Talent. Many are truly astonishing.
No, Beebs, you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to stand on a balcony and s-p-i-t on your fans.

Justin Bieber argues with Paparazzi

Nevertheless, the media machine created, built and nourishes this thankless little monster.
He has no real talent or abilities, it’s all ‘factory produced, factory installed’.

All of them climb up the ladder and in just the right amount of time?
Slide on back down to total obscurity.

I just can’t wait for YOUR turn, Beebs.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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