Photography with a Twist

There are times when ‘literal’ interpretation doesn’t count.

On an early morning road trip with my good buddy Chris ‘BigDoer’ Doering we noticed this shot on the edge of a farmer’s field east of Calgary.

Chris and Connie have a terrific blog that covers a boatload of hiking and exploring. They are infinitely curious and climb places that would take me a week to get up to and an ambulance to get down from.

You can find their remarkable Blog HERE

Highly recommended.

Many years ago I read an absolutely inspirational book written by celebrated Canadian Photographer Freeman Patterson.

Freeman said on more than one occasion, ‘There is no correct exposure”.

In other words everything is open to interpretation. it’s entirely about what works for you, right?

The initial shot was fine, but it was missing something ‘essential’.

Lightroom is your darkroom, so honestly? Why not play a little?

Here I’ve added ‘feel’ by using a Graduated Filter in Lightroom 5, some vignetting, colour shifting.

Now like I’ve said…

There are times when ‘literal’ interpretation doesn’t count.

It pays to remember that.

Play a little!


Here’s a LINK to a larger version.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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