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A Long, LONG Time Ago….

A long, LONG time ago…
I was a horribly young, green, thirteen year old boy.
I had Beatles Fever and absolutely no musical ability whatsoever, but I fancied I could sing.
There was an ad in the local paper looking for a lead singer for a ‘non-union’ band and I nervously called the number.

I was told to go downtown to an after hours club, precariously named “Gerd’s Jungle Cat” on a Saturday afternoon to audition.
Hey. Why let fear and common sense stand in your way?

If memory serves, it was the dead of winter, so I bundled up and headed on down.

Gerd’s was about as seedy as it gets.
There were three guys, hair down to their shoulders… a guitar player, bass player and a drummer.
Yeah, they could play they just couldn’t sing.
I was barely more capable, but I belted a few out…
They didn’t wait too long to tell me that they’d mull it over and get back to me.
A few days later they did.

I didn’t make the audition stick.
I chalked it up to being a kid and forgot about it.
It wasn’t long though, before I got another call —
“Forget about it Kid-You’re IN”.
For a thirteen year old, who didn’t even own a mic, that was as cool as it gets.
We knocked around in a band called ‘The Second Foundry’; don’t ask, I don’t know.
We played High Schools, Community Centres anywhere we could scrape up an audience.

I made a friend for life in that band. The Bass Player.
Alex and I have been lifetime friends since that bus trip downtown.
We travelled the country in rock bands in the early 70’s, did lounge bands in the late 70’s and inevitably, had to grow up, someday.

I did a few year stint in college and eventually did a music duo, and a single in lounges for 5 long years.
I gave up on music in 1984 and gravitated toward what has stayed with me ever since.
Cameras and Photography.

As I’ve mentioned, I carry the Fuji XE-2 with me all the time.
Today at Starbucks my life long friend who NEVER lets me take his photos decided he had to grin and bear it.
Time for a new Linked In Photo, like it or not.

Al is like me, he freezes up in front of Cameras… ironic isn’t it.
HOWEVER, the was a large, floor to ceiling bank of windows on his left side that placed him in remarkable light.
Time to strike!
In a Mirrorless Camera, like the Fuji, you can achieve really crazy frame rates…
I set it to 7 frames a second and just let ‘er fly.

I got what we came for, in addition to a Venti Latte’.

I love my buddy. It’s been a long, long time.

Oh and if you’re in Calgary and need someone ‘exemplary’ to work for you?

Drop a comment, I’ll make certain it arrives.

John Sharpe/Sharpeshots

Natural Light-Portraiture

Natural Light Portraiture.

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