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There’s this guy….

The funny thing about the Interweb is that you will make friends that you’ll probably never see.
You won’t sit across the table from them and ‘do a coffee’; occasionally you’ll chat with them on the phone.
Such is the case with my friend Don Gianatti.
We’ve spent a good deal of time yakking on the phone, typing on Messenger and emailing back and forth.
One of these days I sincerely hope to show him around this neck of the woods.
Don must have had a very slow business day a few days back because he decided to do an interview with yours truly, which he recorded and put on his blog.

Apparently he couldn’t find anyone interesting…

Don is an excellent writer and a canny old fox. He’s a deep thinker and doesn’t suffer any bull**it.
I highly recommend his blog…
Here’s a LINK to the Interview.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

The girls and the melons

The girls and the melons

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