More On The New Canon G7x

I’m a big fan of PetaPixel

I have Google Analytics on my site as well as my blog. It offers up gobs of information about who’s on the site at any given time. Well, not so much who but there they’re from, what they’re looking at for content, time spent etc.

I love seeing that you’re taking an interest in what I post. Just thought you should know.

There was a fair amount of interest in the new Canon G7x when I posted on it at the first part of Photokina, and lo and behold, here’s an even more in depth review of the little monster.

You’ll find the link to the full review¬†HERE

Canon G7x


Having an f1.8/2.8 maximum aperture is fantastic I find this camera wildly tempting but… I already have three. Doesn’t hurt that it also has a 24-100mm equivalent zoom range!

I’ll just have to accept this one isn’t in the cards, but having a tilting LCD, leaf shutter and virtually no shutter lag. it’s very well suited for street shooting…see my previous post.

Enjoy the review.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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